Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glueless Model

Not sure how this didn't get up there before... Congrats everyone on the final! (~Melissa E.)

assign 1

hmm... this image looks weird here. anyway, it's a key holder that reminds you.

john becker and naomi ocko

Shingled Shading Screen

Modular Plywood Joinery

FINAL- PeterStrauss + YoungchaeLee

Group 1 - Blobby Blob



Group Assignment #2 - slump

Assignment 1 Iteration

The glueless model get stronger by lengthen the friction joint. However it is will still dissemble when more modules are added.(weight increases).

assignment 2_egbert_greta_leah_Group3

Final Assignment- Group 8

Group Assignment_1

Assignment 1_Ki Seok Oh

Final - Tension Knot Surface System

Assignment #2 - PeterStrauss + YoungchaeLee

Assignment 3: Variable dimension Plexiglass Tiles

Or, "Mr. Robot Armadillo gets scales"

Assignment One - Glueless Model - Peter Strauss

screening system - glueless assembly

Group 1 - Final - Contraceptraption

Assignment 1: Agglomerated Tile Sculpture


For this assignment, I wanted to create a tile that would stack in three dimensions in ways that I couldn't predict, ideally in order to spread out the "dead load" of the sculpture across many pieces. I modeled a number of tiles and possible configurations in rhino, but I knew that the sculptures' load paths and centers of gravity would change as I added pieces.